Totally the best 

Optimal regulation of the omega-3 index

  • Omega-3 Total Oil

    (13,50 €/100 ml) Beneficial for heart, vision and brain
    • Natural wild-caught fish oil from sustainable fisheries
    • 2,000 mg of omega-3 per daily dose (1 tablespoon)
    • High EPA content
    • 100% natural – not concentrated
    • Cold-pressed organic olive oil as antioxidant
    • Vitamine D3 (800 IU)
    • Pleasant taste: lemon or plain flavour
    • Cleared of pollutants, PCBs and heavy metals
  • Omega-3 Total Capsules

    (17,68 €/100 g)
    Beneficial for the heart, eyes and brain
    • Natural wild-caught fish oil from sustainable fisheries
    • 1.500 mg of omega-3 per daily dose (4 capsules)
    • High EPA content
    • No reflux
    • Cleared of pollutants, PCBs and heavy metals
    • Rosemary extract as an antioxidant
    • Perfect when travelling
  • Sale!

    Omega-3 Total Oil + Capsules

    (13,50 €/100 ml) Beneficial for heart, vision and brain
    • Combination package of Omega-3 Total oil (200ml) and Omega-3 Total Capsules (120cps)
    • Price advantage of 10%
    • Ideal if trying what is the best option for you

Total oil: The origin of norsan

NORSAN’s journey into the world of omega-3 supply began with Omega-3 Total. The classic among the products was developed for the optimal regulation of the omega-3 supply. From a nutritional medicine point of view, its composition provides the optimal package: an EPA-rich, natural and purified fish oil, polyphenols from a cold-pressed, organically grown olive oil and a daily portion of vitamin D3. In the capsule product, the olive oil is substituted for rosemarine extract.

On average 9 out of 10 people has an omega-3 deficiency. The NORSAN Omega-3 Total oil offer a daily dose of 2,000 mg omega-3 which is sufficient to regulate an omega-3 deficiency.

The Omega-3 Total Oil is proven to have a positive and significant effect on the HS-Omega-3-Index.

Read here for the full regulation study.

omega-3 rich fish oil

The NORSAN Total fish oil stems from wild-caught of small fish such as sardines, mackerel and anchovies. The oil has a natural high omega-3 content, especially omega-3 EPA. The whole fish is used for the oil, so it is not a by-product.

The omega-3 EPA fatty acid has the special property of preventing and resolving inflammation in our body.

It is important to note that inflammation in the body is a natural reaction to an external stimulus such as invading bacteria. It helps the immune system to do its job. Once this is done, the inflammation can subside. So-called eicosanoids are needed for this – and of these, the anti-inflammatory ones, which are formed from the omega-3 EPA fatty acid. A good supply of EPA is therefore essential, otherwise it cannot be regulated optimally and in the long run so-called “silent” inflammation occurs in the body.

The fish oil in Omega-3 Total is extracted from small fatty fish such as anchovies, mackerel and sardines – all of which are rich in omega-3, especially EPA. If you want the best oil for your body, then the Total oil is the right answer.

An oxygen-free processing environment is guaranteed for NORSAN Total fish oil, so that our oil is optimally protected against oxidation. Oxidation causes fish odour and has an unpleasant effect on the taste. The TOTOX value – oxidation value or “freshness” value of the oil (the lower the the fresher) – is in the low range, which confirms the high freshness of the oil.

For this purification, we use a modern plant in Norway, which uniquely filters and cleans the oil of heavy metals. filtering and purifying the oil from heavy metals, pollutants and PCBs and at the same time preserves the qualities of the fish oil. The special refining process is based on an effective and unique 3-fold purification during the first 3 process steps.

Whereas conventional processes in the industry only rely on cleaning in two steps cleaning in two steps, we additionally carry out a special micro-distillation, which precisely filters out any remaining pollutants. are precisely filtered out.


The special combination of an omega-3 rich fish oil and a and a polyphenol-rich olive oil has proven to be a valuable symbiosis.

In the purification process, many of the important secondary nutrients are lost, including natural antioxidant compounds. In a scientific at the University of Tromsø, Prof. Bjarne Østerrud has shown that the anti-inflammatory effect of fish oil anti-inflammatory effect of fish oil as well as the positive effect on the blood the combination with polyphenol-rich olive oil. 

The researchers suspect that the polyphenols in the olive oil protect the the sensitive omega-3 in the body for oxygen molecules and free radicals. The polyphenols seem to act as a buffer and render the attackers harmless through their antioxidant antioxidant effect. In this way the omega- 3 fatty acids reach their site of action undamaged and can there do their (anti-inflammatory) work.


Friend of the Sea (FOS)

NORSAN Arktis fish oil is Friend of the Sea (FOS) certified, which guarantees that the oil comes from sustainable fisheries.

  • Our products are from fish stocks that are not overfished.
  • Prevention of fishing practices involving the by-catch of endangered species.
  • Reduction of fishing practices that have an negative impact on the ecosystem.
  • The fishery and oil extraction is energy efficient.
  • Practices include high standards of social responsibility.

IFOS (5-star rating)

IFOS certification (The International Fish Oil Standards Program) is an independent testing and certification programme for fish oils. The programme test the finished products.

IFOS sets the highest standards for purity, potency and freshness worldwide. Omega-3 supplements are evaluated on the basis of 5 criteria. Our NORSAN fish oils meet all of these criteria in full. For this reason, IFOS has awarded each of the NORSAN liquid fish oils and capsules with the top rating.