Welcome to NORSAN

Your Omega-3 specialist from Norway

Håvard Eiklid

I have been working with NORSAN since 2011 when we started up in Norway. The summer of 2014 I visited the NORSAN office in Berlin for the first time and fell in love immediately with the great NORSAN team, so I moved to Berlin the very next week and haven’t regret for a second.

Sandra Detmerowski

sandra detmerowski norsan

What I like best about working at NORSAN is that you can contribute your own ideas and are supported. Also, that you always learn something new and, as the icing on the cake, such valuable products that you are happy to stand behind.

Christa Albrecht

Christa Albrecht

It is a great feeling to be able to support the health of so many people so well with the NORSAN products. I am especially pleased that I receive so much positive feedback.

Magali Schwartz

The values ​​carried by NORSAN immediately seduced me, respect for nature and people is a fundamental base, and this is felt on a daily basis. And what a great motivation to contribute to the well-being and health of our customers by offering them very high quality products!
Participating in the development of the French subsidiary is very stimulating. I particularly appreciate having both great freedom of action and the support of a dynamic and caring team.

Inga Andresen

inga andresen norsan

Passion, health and a community have a great impact on life. NORSAN not only combines these values! Is there anything better than seeing your work as a mission and always being able to go to work with a smile? Besides educating the many experts, it is a wonderful feeling to be able to make the world a little healthier. In a word: Great!

Matthias Haberzettl

Christian Haberzettl norsan

6 years ago I started with the introduction of NORSAN products here in Austria. For a few years now, I have been living here near Vienna. With the great teams from Berlin and Hamburg behind me, working here is a lot of fun and together we also succeed in finding more and more people interested in the topic of Omega-3 and the NORSAN products here in Austria.

Kerstin Günes

Kerstin Güneş Norsan

I really enjoy working in the pharmacy field service at NORSAN. The team spirit, especially when you work mostly alone like I do, is just great. Despite my full-time job, there is always enough time for the most important things in my life, my family and my two children. I have the flexibility and dynamism of NORSAN to thank for that. It allows me to go every extra mile with a smile and bring our great company culture to the outside world.

Brit Brall

Ich bin schon länger bei NORSAN – meiner zweiten Familie … ganz auf norwegisch ? Eine großartige Firma, die es mir ermöglicht, mit drei Kindern in einem verständnisvollen Team zu arbeiten. Eine kompetente persönliche Weiterbildung steht hier ebenso im Vordergrund wie auch ein fairer Umgang mit Mensch und Natur.

Simone Ehlers

Simone Ehlers norsan

I’ve been with them for 5 years, not regretted a day and looking forward to many more years with this great team.

Dana Hildebrandt

Dana Hildebrandt norsan

Oh man, I’m so happy to have been given such an opportunity to work with such a great team.

We are a Norwegian company specializing in high-quality omega-3 products. Being a pioneer in the methodical approach with fatty acid analysis, we have developed natural high-dose omega-3 products that regulate an omega-3 index deficit. NORSAN is a leading omega-3 brand in Europe and the most sold omega-3 product in German pharmacies.

With lectures and information material, we inform about the importance of omega-3 fatty acids and its health effect, where the easy measuring of the omega-3 index in the body is an important part. We strive towards a higher omega-3 index in the population and we feel that we – step by step – we are contributing in a positive way. This gives us pleasure and joy as a team. Read more about our health philosophy here. 

Our daily team work is characterized by openness, transparency and trust. We rely on each other and try to support each other as best we can. Being strong is only possible together. We are particularly proud of our unique corporate values. Improving the health and well-being for our customers is the best motivation for us to be at work.

We have offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Vienna, Bolzano and Lille.