Friend of the Sea (FOS) certified

The NORSAN fish oil and cod oil is FOS certified and is obtained from fish that all come from waters that are certified by FOS as sustainable. With the Friend of the Sea (FOS) certification, our contribution to the protection of the environment and, above all, the oceans is confirmed by a renowned objective testing authority.

Friend of the Sea is an internationally respected non-profit organization that has made it its mission to preserve the global marine habitat. FOS runs leading certification projects that verify the sustainability of fisheries and omega-3 fish oil products.

NORSAN ensures that the following criteria are met:

  • Our products are from fish stocks that are not overfished
  • Prevention of fishing practices with the bycatch of threatened species
  • Reducing fishing practices that affect the ecosystem
  • The production is energy efficient
  • Company practices include high standards of social responsibility

IFOS certified

IFOS certification (The International Fish Oil Standards Program) is an independent testing and certification program for fish oils.

IFOS sets the highest standards for purity, effectiveness and freshness worldwide. The omega-3 supplements are rated on the basis of 5 criteria. Our NORSAN fish oils fully meet all of these criteria. For this reason, IFOS has given each of our liquid fish oils and capsules the top grade.

Laboratory certificates

Our NORSAN Omega-3 oils are regularly checked by independent laboratories. Here you will find the raw material, auxiliary materials and heavy metal analyzes carried out.