Is there a big difference between linseed oil and fish oil?

Linseed oil is the native vegetable oil with the highest omega-3 content (over 50%) and its use contributes to a healthy and balanced diet. However, linseed oil does not contain the important omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which are considered particularly important for health and are found in fish and algae oils. Even though our body can convert the alpha-linolenic acid present in linseed oil into EPA and DHA to a certain degree (conversion factor between 0.5% and 10%), linseed oil is not sufficient to compensate for an EPA or DHA deficit.

A vegetable omega-3 oil, with high marine omega-3 fatty acid content (EPA and DHA), is Omega-3 Vegan. With just one teaspoon per day, you take in 2,000 mg of the valuable marine fatty acids – 100% fish-free.