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We would like to thank all our customers for the many positive comments and testimonials they regularly send us. Here are a few examples of the comments we receive. If you, too, would like to share your experience with us (e.g. tell us what you think about taste, tell us how you integrate the oil into your kitchen on a daily basis, or tell us how you use our oil in your practice), please feel free to send us your comment in the field below or send us an e-mail to : info@norsan-omega.com

9 out of 10 customers would recommend NORSAN.*

* Based on a survey of 921 customers.

Kundenzufriedenheit San Omega

Customer testimonials

Erfahrungsberichte mit Omega-3

We asked our customers why they would recommend NORSAN Omega-3 oils?

« For a long time, I took capsules, but I couldn’t tolerate them. I often had stomach problems and fish spills. I thought it was normal until my doctor recommended Norsan. He explained that this discomfort was probably due to the fact that the fish oil in the capsules was out of date and of poor quality. By taking omega-3 in liquid form (such as Norsan Omega-3 oil), if the oil was out of date, it would be noticed immediately. According to my doctor, Norsan is synonymous with superior quality. I completely agree with him: cod oil is really delicious and does not cause any discomfort for me. I will never buy any more omega-3 products. And at that price, there’s no question about it. »
G. F. – June 2019

” Because I find the taste very pleasant. The products arrive fresh and the delivery is fast. Thank you to the whole team. “
Edith K. – May 2019

« Il est rare de trouver un produit pour la concentration que même les enfants prennent sans problème. »
Andreas H. – Mai 2017

“The taste is delicious, and for children, jelly lozenges are ideal.”
Angelica P. – April 2019

” The taste is excellent. The product is very digestible! “
Sophie B. – April 2019

“Fast and efficient service. Excellent quality. I am vegan and for me the oil is perfect. And what’s more, it tastes great. »
Dorothée R. – April 2019

« Fish oil and seaweed oil are excellent. The taste and quality are unbeatable. I have already recommended them to friends and they have ordered them. »
Alexandra B. – March 2019

« Healthy, good tasting, recommended by my doctor. »
Stéphanie M. – February 2019

« I am convinced by your oil and have already recommended it to some friends and family. »
Wolfgang A. Z. – February 2019

« Fish oil tastes great, it’s hard to believe it’s fish oil. A good way to take your dose of omega-3 fatty acids. »
Petra G. – February 2019

« Hi, I’m really glad I discovered you. I had never seen fish oil of such good quality until now, and at a reasonable price! Keep up the good work! »
Mickaël S. – February 2019

« Because I find it more natural to take omega 3 oil rather than capsules and also because I think that with Norsan, I benefit from a quality product. »
Anne K. – January 2019

« From a taste point of view, it is great and its price-quality ratio is excellent. In addition, it is sold in glass bottles. 🙂 »
Denis A. – January 2019

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