Measure your omega-3 index


The fatty acid analysis is carried out by a laboratory that is a European leader, ensuring high quality and stable measurement results. The measured values show the nutritional picture of the last 60-90 days. The fatty acid analysis fulfills the requirements of GOÄ and can be partially reimbursed by private health insurance companies (GOÄ number 3726).

The blood test required for this can be carried out very easily:

A few drops of capillary blood are placed on a stabilized test paper and sent to the laboratory. The materials required for the measurement are included in the NORSAN test kit.


About 10 days after the blood sample has been sent in, you will receive the findings, including the values and the interpretation of 26 fatty acids.

Important parameters of the finding:

  • Omega-3 levels (index)
  • Omega-6/3 ratio
  • Proportion of trans fatty acids

You will also receive an evaluation of the results, which will give you recommendations.


NORSAN oils offer a natural method to improve your own fatty acid levels. In the analysis of the analysis you will find your recommendation to improve it. In general, we recommend taking one spoon NORSAN oil per day, depending on the product. If you have any questions, you can always contact us at 030 555 788 990.

  • Natural fish oil from sustainable wild catch
  • Vegetable algae oil from sustainable cultivation
  • High proportion of omega-3 (omega-3 total: daily dosage of 8 ml gives 2 g omega-3)
  • Flavonoids from cold-pressed olive oil as an antioxidant
  • Quality is expressed in the taste
  • Cleaned from heavy metals
Measure your omega-3 index

Get your result

Please enter your personal Analysis ID for the NORSAN Fatty Acid Analysis here in order to get your result. Note: The result is usually available within 7-14 days after sending the blood sample. Download an example of the analysis here.