NORSAN is a Norwegian company that develops and markets omega- 3 oils with market leading standards for more than 10 years. Our premium products stem from strong in-house competencies as well as an extensive network of leading scientific experts, professionals and laboratories. Through combining existing knowledge from the field of medicine with nutritional therapy and in-body physiological processes, we are dedicated to provide the best oils and diagnostic services for fatty acid related queries. This page will soon be updated.

Base health principles

Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food

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At NORSAN we firmly believe in the following principles:

  • Nutrition plays a vital role in our general health and well-being
  • Our nutrition should be kept as natural and non-processed as possible
  • There is – apart from trans fats – no good or bad fats, but only unfavorable imbalances
  • A daily intake of a natural fish oil or algae oil with a high content of omega-3 fatty acids is beneficial to one’s health
  • Sugar and white flour is a dominant cause for the major health problems faced today

Our view on capsules

As a general rule, try to avoid capsules. Why?

First common sense; If you buy a high-quality olive oil, you do buy and consume it as capsules. So why with fish oil? As a company philosophy, we believe that nutrition only as a second-option should be consumed as capsules. Keep it as natural as possible.

Fluid oils are less expensive than capsules since the extra cost of capsuling is avoided.

In case of quality issue, the smell and taste would give you the warning.

Of course, capsules can be practical – for example when travelling – and simply being the easiest way of consumption. In Germany, the NORSAN oil was 1 of 2 brands tested and accepted for Olympic athletes in 2016. Those athletes in turn, are frequent travellers and capsules is therefore the first choice.

Team and organization

The NORSAN organization consist of approx. 15 employees of which most work in Berlin, where we have our marketing function and from where we distribute our products for the European market

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Matthias Haberzettl

Matthias Haberzettl

Country Manager Austria

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